Publications and preprints

2023 A Gray-categorical pasting theorem
In Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 39, 2023, No. 5, pp 150-171. Published version, arXiv:2205.15486.
2023 2-derivators
arXiv: 2309.05216.
2023 Some remarks on the interchange in Gray-categories
Joint with Gabriele Lobbia, arXiv: 2310.03503

Research talks

2-derivators, Australian Category Seminar (Macquarie University), June 2021.

A Gray-categorical pasting theorem, Australian Category Seminar (Macquarie University), February 2022.

A gentle introduction to 2-derivators, ItaCa Fest 2022, November 2022 (video)

Introduction to the theory of 2-derivators, Masaryk University Algebra Seminar, Masaryk University (Brno, Czechia), June 2023

An introduction to 2-derivators, Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Prague, Czechia), June 2023

Pasting in Gray-categories, The University of Manchester (UK), July 2023